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Candidate for Wisconsin Governor

Join me in fighting for your individual freedoms

Together we can build a brighter future for all of Wisconsin

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We need a Governor who can stand up to the swamp

I am a Christian Republican!  I believe we need to put God back into schools, families, and businesses.  I believe that God is calling me to run for Governor of Wisconsin, the state that I love, where I have called home my whole life! 

“I have always been a man of my Word!” I will beat Tony Evers and anyone else in the way of fixing Wisconsin; I have God on my side and with your support and Donations, We will beat him and take back Wisconsin For The People with Fischer as Governor!

I will work hard to earn your trust. 

I believe in the American dream! I live the American dream! I grew up in Milwaukee in an 800 square foot house.  My parents were working-class people living paycheck to paycheck. I was taught to always work hard and that nothing in life would be handed to me.

When I was 11 years old, I worked my first job at George Webb on 92nd and Oklahoma, I also had a paper route and cut about a dozen lawns every Saturday.  I graduated high school from Wisconsin Lutheran High School and Then graduated from MATC for Criminal Justice and Marketing Business Management, I saved and purchased my 1st home when I was 21 years old in Oak Creek, WI. 

I became a police officer for 6 years until I broke my back. I was told I may never walk again. I told the doctors that they should get to know my God as he heals and raises dead people. I knew my Lord will heal me and I will return to work and life. I almost lost my home.  With the help of God by way of my physical therapist, surgery, and chiropractor, I was able to recover. I went on to start a successful real estate business.  I have been a business owner for over 20 years!!  I have also worked for Corporate America for over 20 years and I belonged to the Teamsters 344 Union for 6 years. I also showed a lot of my fellow union brothers that the Republican Party is for the people now! 

I love to hunt and fish. I have a hobby farm in Mauston where I raise chickens and honey bees. I love to help others!  I volunteer with the Projects for Seniors program and at my church.  I also donate to St. Jude’s as I really believe in these causes!

I’m excited to earn your vote for Wisconsin Governor in 2022. I’m an average hardworking Wisconsinite with a big heart and a desire for change. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I am not a Politician; I am just a man who cannot just sit on the sidelines and watch anymore.  I miss the Wisconsin that I grew up in. I am ready to lead!  Please consider voting for me and let’s make Wisconsin the great state that we all remember.

I hope that I can earn your support and Vote Fischer for Wisconsin Governor in 2022.

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