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I’m Adam Fischer, and I’m hoping to be your next Wisconsin Governor!

As you can see on my site, I’m a former police officer and a current business owner. I’ve never been a guy that sits on the sidelines. I’m so tired of career politicians saying they are going to make a change and failing to deliver. We need a real person in the office, someone who’s going to be straightforward and honest. I realize I’m a little late to the game… but better late than never, right?
I’ve been asked what sets me apart from others who have been on the campaign trail longer. Here is my answer.
I was a police officer. I’ve seen firsthand how hard that job is and I have a real passion in my heart to support our law enforcement.
I’m not spoon-fed! I grew up a poor kid in Milwaukee. I’ve built the life I have today from the ground up and have been very successful. I’ve worked at gas stations, pizza places, foundries exc. and I’ve also been the VP of sales for a large corporation. I’ve had more real-life experience than most politicians I know. I want to make Wisconsin prosper and I have the skills to do so.
I’m strong in my faith. I do what I say. I’m a true conservative. I believe in life fully and completely. Every life is a gift from God. I believe in liberty, justice, and our right to bear arms.
I’m totally against any vaccine mandates. The words “government” and “mandate” should not be used together.
I won’t try to impress or deceive you with hours of videos talking about specific policy and pie charts and figures. To be honest, I’m not a politician. When I am elected and in office, I will work hard to make the best choices for us all as a state. I will always be transparent!
Adam J. Fischer for Governor

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